Add to the conversation on active travel

Add to the conversation on active travel

Posted by Victoria Burgher on 2023-03-25

Issues of air pollution, climate breakdown, an inactivity epidemic, road injuries and deaths, and unequal access to transport are more urgent and relevant than ever. Does your research speak to these pressing policy problems? Active Travel Studies (ATS) welcomes submissions from those taking a critical approach to these themes.

Very nearly in its third year, the ATS Journal is a flourishing forum for high-quality and relevant research on all aspects of active travel. It forms part of the Active Travel Academy (ATA)’s mission to create a bridge between researchers and the practitioner and activist communities.

The ATA at the University of Westminster brings together a broad spectrum of expertise to lead research, teaching and knowledge exchange on walking, wheeling, cycling and other active modes, use of ‘micromobilities’ and reduction in car use.
The ATA believes all disciplines and expertise are needed to address the acute global problems that car-dominated transport systems have created and takes a critical approach to pressing policy problems, drawing on a wide range of tools and methods, from Big Data to (auto)ethnography.

It was important to founding editors Tom Cohen and Rachel Aldred that the journal was as accessible as possible, for both readers and contributors, which is why it is available open-access (all content is available to all at no cost) and there are no article processing charges.

The ATS Journal fills a gap in the academic market. “There are numerous transport journals, but none that addressed active travel specifically, despite it receiving growing attention as a topic,” says Tom. “We hope we are helping to cement the status of active travel as a major part of the transport discourse, amongst researchers, practitioners and activists.”

ATS is a good shop window for authors working on walking, wheeling, cycling and other forms of active travel. The fact that it’s open access means there are no barriers to those who want to read the material and, with no article processing fees, authors themselves are not out of pocket.

“We would like ATS to be well known and well respected as the primary source of recent research on all aspects of active travel,” says Tom.

To access all issues of the ATS Journal and to make submissions, in written and/or multimedia formats, please visit


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